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Guineafowl, Partridge & Pheasant Feather Shades

Pictured from left to right, guineafowl, partridge and pheasant.

  • These feather shades are custom-made in many shapes and sizes suitable for:
  • Wall shades
  • Table lamps
  • Creating a real inpact as a floor lamp shade 
  • Feather shades also make wonderful ceiling shades, suitable for pendant lighting
  • Prices for bespoke feather shades from just £49
  • Please contact us with the shape and size you require, and we will make make them to order for you.

  "Hello Joanna, The pheasant shades arrived and I took them down to our house on the shore. They are just as charming there as they looked in the picture in Field Magazine and I couldn't be happier with them. Thanks so much for getting them out so efficiently.

Best, Sheila Riggs"  Baltimore, USA

Ref: FS/5.5


Base: 5.5"
Top: 2"
Slope: 4"